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My favorite nickname was given to me by my high school BFF, Leah Levin.  After observing the ways in which I interacted with people (insert long dash) making connections everywhere I went, knitting together mini-communities, and always connecting dots in social geography(insert long dash)she dubbed me “Kub the Hub” (referencing my maiden name, Kubby).  Perhaps it is no coincidence that I was fashioning myself after my biggest she crush, Julie McCoy, the Cruise Director of TV’s The LOVE BOAT.  Sure, Julie was cute, but it was her job that I really loved.  

When it came time to look for jobs to help support myself through college, I got myself my own Cruise Director position, working for the UC Santa Cruz Outdoor Adventures Program.  At times, I had to pinch myself to make sure I wasn’t dreaming–getting paid to take other college students on fantastic adventures like backpacking in the Canyonlands for Spring Break or driving a van of folks to San Francisco to take part in Chinese New Year festivities.  The  best and worst of the adventures were the  2 am trips to the hot tubs at Esalen.  The best because it offered an inexpensive way to experience the majesty of natural hot springs on the edge of cliffs that hang hundreds of feet above the crashing Pacific Ocean.  The worst because it was my responsibility to get everyone home safely around five in the morning.  This meant pulling out of the tubs early to take a post midnight nap and then driving the 12-person UCSC Outdoor Education van on Hwy 1 while every other head bobbed and weaved in a way that only sleep allows the neck to move.  

From there I became an adventure program junkie.  I took a semester program called the Sierra Institute which featured backpacking for 3 months and taking classes in the outdoors for full college credit.  My group studied Nature, Religion, Philosophy, and Outdoor/Experiential Education.  I also spent most of a year of college living in the mountains of Guatemala in a small town called Todos Santos studying the female dominant textile business they had developed.  

After college I filled up with jobs that were about building community and planning adventures and learning experiences.  The day after I graduated from college in Santa Cruz, I landed at San Francisco International Airport heading to Israel with a group of 35 teenagers for whom I was responsible – and I did it again the following summer.   And when I landed my first official after-college job it was as a Youth Leader at the Marin Jewish Community Center planning Thursday Adventure Nights, Winter Break Laser Tag, and Respect Yourself, a self-defense and body image workshop for girls.

In grad school studying Public Health with a focus on Health Education and Behavioral Health Sciences, I took a spot as an intern in Plainfield, New Jersey, perhaps best known for its high rate of teenage pregnancy, as a Health Teacher teaching family life.  Talk about a challenge! 

My resume goes on from there, working for two different state departments of health in tobacco control education and marketing, creating and managing the UC Davis Wellness Center at the ARC(spell out?) and up to where most of you know me now–as a wellness coach, veteran indoor cycling instructor, author, non-profit(s) board member, speaker, and founder of Choicepoint Wellness.  

Before saying more, as I switch paths on this cruise of life, it means setting sail to my 11-year wellness coaching practice.  To all of the wonderful people I had the honor of coaching, I have deep gratitude for each one of you, and for all the ways you helped me grow as well through our interaction.  Namaste.

In addition to these professional successes, I have been blessed with two wonderful human beings as my daughters, the most incredible of sweeties (my husband), and for sure one of the cutest, softest, and most endearing dogs ever.

But I am not here to brag, but rather to show you how all the stepping stones of my life led me to this moment–so let’s get to what is happening NOW.  

Today I am aboard a new cruise, an adventure that’s been awaiting me, and becoming the Julie McCoy of YOLO WELL.

The mission of YOLO WELL is to provide resources and immersive experiences in many wellness domains to help people increase their personal well-being within a community of others who are doing the same.  

So welcome to YOLO WELL – Your Source of Wellness.  For our ancestors, the well was where people went to gather up the crucial resource of water, but also to connect, share, teach, and explore. Today’s YOLO WELL is the source you seek to dip into the waters of self-care and well-being in community with others who share similar values around wellness.

YOLO WELL offers immersive wellness experiences(insert long dash)workshops, retreats, events, writing, and a host of resources related to your practice of healthy hedonism.  

Because, YOLO.

My first workshop will be STICK IT – a Women’s Wellness Day Retreat, Sat., Jan 26th, from 9-4.  Twelve women will gather for a day of exploring our wellness values and vision.  We will seek to understand the gap between where we hope to be and where we currently stand, as well as identify what it is that will most challenge us and support us along the way.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, participants will learn how to “stick it” and really land in 2019 with a clear path toward achieving our wellness vision.

Included in the price of the workshop ($99) is coffee/tea and light breakfast as well as a simple vegetarian (can be vegan by request) lunch.  

After the conclusion of the workshop, participants may choose (free of charge) to join a private Facebook group where they can continue to find help, support, motivation and resources as they continue their wellness path.

The max is 12 participants so this will go fast!  Be one of the first two to register HERE and get the “BE WELL” SPECIAL WORKSHOP price of $75.  If that doesn’t work, it means that the first two spots are full and you can sign up here.

I you can’t attend this first workshop, then hopefully you will join us next time!  Feel free to explore the other resources and information that will be available here as I develop the YOLO Well website.  I’m building it on my own (a skill that was on my life bucket list), so please feel free to share your thoughts and comments! 

You can also follow YOLO WELL on Instagram and Facebook.

May you all YOLO WELL–Go for it, dig in, show up for yourself and others, do a deep dive, love, laugh, celebrate YOLO, all the while taking great care to treat life with respect, gratitude and a good dose of hope!

Be well,


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