September Streaming is on sale now!

Hello September!

We had a great first month of streaming rides and a very fun live ride too!  Let’s keep the momentum going with your next month of YOLO CYCLE!

8 rides are sent to your email for you to ride whenever…. plus, an invitation to ride LIVE online at least one time/month with other YOLO CYCLERS.

All this and a healthy, happy body – all for just $25.



Hope you all are YOLOing as WELL as can be…

Our county of Yolo is literally on fire.  I have friends who have lost a family ranch in Vacaville, family and friends evacuated from the fires in the Santa Cruz mountains, and my teenage kids starring out the window at the one place they had to socialize with friends (from 6 feet away), now covered in ash.  When it felt that the world could become no more apocalyptic…now the sun is orange every day and we can’t go outside.

While we mourn these losses and those that have lost so much and give our thanks to the people out there on the front lines trying to minimize the damage that is already devastating – it also gives us a chance to appreciate all that we have.  Every day that I get to move my body during COVID I say a prayer of thanks–for my health and my ability to move my body every day…and why I want to offer a way for us to do that in community!

YOLO WELL has a FIRST RIDE FREE policy.  Usually, that means that we send you a video of a ride for you to do and see how it feels.  But TOMORROW, you can come to your first ride LIVE…  There is no excuse not to come–you don’t have to drive, park, leave your house.  It doesn’t cost a thing.  And if you are saying, but I don’t have a bike…okay, that can be the ONE excuse… but no others.

Come ride LIVE tomorrow.  The class will start at 9:30 with some basics like a quick bike set up demo, and an overview of the resistance/speed ratings, positions, and general vocabulary that we use in class.  At 9:40 we will start a 40 min ride with one weight set and a short cool down.

When you sign up for your FREE FIRST RIDE you will be emailed the zoom link for tomorrow’s ride.


DIY Peloton/Spin bike for under $100!

During COVID2020 I have been offering free indoor cycling classes that folks can take live or recorded on their own timeline.

One of the most exciting aspects of this has been seeing friends from all over the globe and from so many different parts of my life, be able to enjoy what I have to offer, and also many who I don’t know.

Those that don’t log on say it is because they don’t have an indoor bike to ride.

I say, you can do the workout on a treadmill or just with your body if you want…

But, I know it’s not the same.  And all of us indoor cycling junkies are fixing for a fix!

The music.  The sweat.  The endorphins!

Well, don’t fear!  You too can ride inside, any day, any time, and you can do it for under $100.

Plus, anyone in hour SIP posse can join take advantage of your great new indoor cycle too!

What gives, you ask?

Grab any bike you have, purchase one of the trainers linked below, and get going on one of the best at-home workouts in the world.

Then pop on over to Facebook and the YOLO CYCLE page and let’s get you rolling!

Trainers for under $100 * note there are many other trainers out there if you want to spend more…I was just being thrifty. Your welcome!

And put a heavy mat like this         under your new bike!





Bump up the cardio, baby!

I remember sitting bow-legged on the instructor bike and my class looking at me like they were thinking, maybe it’s time, Raychel.  That was exactly one week before I gave birth and I was already one-week past due!  So, if you want my personal opinion, I would say, yes, you can keep riding. I am living proof with a now 17-year-old baby, that for me it was okay.  But I’m no pregnancy expert, so I went to the official sources to find out – what does science have to say about exercise, and specifically, indoor cycling, while pregnant?

Pregnancy isn’t the time to throw in the towel on your fitness, nor is it time to exercise for two, but according to the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG), some exercise during pregnancy is helpful in reducing back pain, promoting healthy weight gain, and strengthening the heart and blood vessels.

The general rule for pregnancy is that, so long as you are healthy and have a normal pregnancy, moderate exercise during pregnancy is just what the doctor ordered.  

This does not mean to suggest that if you haven’t exercised before you became pregnant that you should jump right in now that you are.  It is important to slowly build up your endurance, strength, and cardiovascular ability, just as you would when not pregnant.  

And before beginning any exercise regimen, everyone should be sure to check with their healthcare provider to be sure that it is right for you.  Hopefully, you are good to go, and can derive the many great benefits that it can offer your mental and physical states.  

The great news about indoor cycling is that it is an excellent way for pregnant women to get low impact cardiovascular activity that is safe into the 3rd trimester.  Cycling is good for sleep, mood, and easing back pain and it can even help you build the stamina you will need for pregnancy, childbirth, and, don’t forget, keeping up with that toddler in the blink of an eye.

So, if you feel ready to give cycling a spin…here are a few basics to follow to make sure you stay healthy and return to the bike regularly!

#1 – Keep your cool

This is SUPER important.  When you are pregnant, your core body temperature increases.  Add to that a good dose of sweaty cycle and it is easy to overheat (getting to 102 degrees F or more) which can be dangerous for the baby if it goes on too long.

Here are some ideas for how to keep your cool:

  • Wear moisture-wicking clothes
  • Sit near a fan, maybe even bring in a personal clip-on fan and add it to the end of your handlebars.

#2  – Your new favorite cocktail – water!

As per #1 and always the rule of thumb – drink up, baby!  20 oz before, 20 oz during and 20 oz after.

#3 – Let’s not take your breath away

Pregnancy is not the time to be building your anaerobic endurance. For now, keep your breath to where you can hold a “breathy” conversation.  This means keeping your exertion somewhere between light and somewhat challenging.

#4 Sit, sit, sit, sit, and sit

 While it is the current trend to stand up off the saddle during stationary bike classes, it is not recommended for pregnancy as your center of gravity is changed and it is easy to get thrown off balance.  Additionally, with more flexibility in the joints, it is possible to over stretch and put too much pressure on the knees.

#5 Location location location

While you might know you are ALWAYS a saddle height F and fore/aft 6, that may not be the case anymore.  More likely you will need to reposition the bike each time you get on during your pregnancy where changes in your body are happening daily.  Some suggestions for modifications to your bike are:

  • Make the handlebars higher – handlebar height on a stationary bike is just about comfort
  • Adjust the fore/aft of the saddle to accommodate your growing belly

#6 Don’t make them wonder if you are pregnant or not!

Always tell the instructor you are pregnant so they can be sure to keep an eye on you, turn fans in your direction and understand what is happening if you are not doing what they are instructing, or need to cut out early.

This is a quick video of my niece-in-law, Erin, at 34 weeks, riding her Pel–on, showing great form, despite a big bump:

Here’s Dylan on their bike now with their son, Maxwell Fox Brannon (my great nephew)

Congrats on this exciting time in life.  Hope to see you on the bike pre- and post-baby!  

Be well,