Spread Wellness

Spreading Wellness

Hello Wellness Warriors,

Tonight as I send this out to you it is the eve of the eve of my first YOLO WELLness workshop and I am enjoying the excitement of starting something new.  I can’t wait to welcome this first group–and hopefully more of you really soon.

Thank you all so very much for the heartfelt messages, encouragements, and support.  It has been blissfully overwhelming. I am indeed humbled and grateful that you are choosing to come along on this YOLO Wellness journey.  

Many of you asked me the same question so I will “reply all” here:

The question went something like “What exactly is it that YOLO WELL will be doing/offering?”  

The formal answer is that after about 12 years in the wellness coaching business, I have officially closed my practice–Choicepoint Wellness.  I have been blessed that my “work” has allowed me to be a part of people’s lives as they pursued a more balanced, present and healthful lifestyle.  To all of you out there that let me be a small part of your journey – Namaste.

But my work of spreading wellness is only just beginning.  

Many of you know that I have spent the past year+ dreaming of building YOLO WELL.  I have looked at spaces in Downtown Davis and Winters, I had meetings with potential partners, and even wrote my first ever business plan.  I have consulted with many of you as I prepared to embark on this big personal and professional leap. While there is no one person or reason that affected my choice – two moments stick out specifically. The first was a good friend who has owned a health-oriented business herself. We were chatting after a good workout and I was just about to go on a family trip to Michigan for a long weekend.  

“Take in what it feels like to get away – like really get away,” she said.  “When we owned our business even vacation was never fully vacation.  There was always the chance that a pipe would break or an employee would need to take a leave – and I was the one who had to respond – no matter where I was.”  

The second moment of truth came from my sister-in-love Jill who said to me, “Raych, you have spent the past 12 years creating a professional life that allowed you to put your family first. Now, when you only have 5 or so years left with kids in the house you are going to change that?”

Thank goodness for good friends and smart mentors, right?

These two things were true, and although I didn’t ultimately want to admit it–I know ultimately that this business I was dreaming of would get in the way of a very nice life I have set up for myself.

And then there was my sweetie Mitchel, who, although he had his fair share of concerns, never wavered in his support of me following my passion.  We did a lot of talking about all this and he was sure to remind me that the work I love to do is to educate, share, provide resources and connect people.  “I just think you should stick to the things you are so damn good at,” he would sweetly remind me. 

They were right.  All of them. Many of you are probably shaking your heads that yes, you were thinking all of these things too.  And I do believe, that even when I was saying that these things wouldn’t matter if I got to build my dream space….somewhere inside I knew this to be true too.  

And then, as I do believe life will do, as soon as I shifted my perspective and made moves to reinvent my plan, the universe of possibilities began (and continues) to expand, and I find myself at this most exciting moment.

This work of YOLO WELL is no different from what I have been doing and really no different from what I hoped to do in my beautiful Wellness Center.  But now instead of you coming to Wellness, now wellness is coming to you! As I pull up my anchor I am returning to my roots, and playing to my strengths and passions as a group leader, event planner, health educator, traveler, and community builder.   

This new way of working allows my work to expand beyond the one-on-one of coaching to sharing the gift of wellness to groups and to utilize the power of experiential education.  I have seen over the years from those I admire, the power of learning that can happen in groups and have seen various instances where groups can a different opportunity for growth and accountability.

AND….this also means that I can come to you!

Because of how many of you said you wished we lived closer so you could come to my first workshop we are offering our  1st QUARTER YOLO WELL SPECIAL!!

  1. Gather up EIGHT people in your life (friends, work, team, bookclub, etc.)
  2. Invite them to come to a Personalize Wellness Workshop that includes:
  • Daily Personalized Wellness Workshops (specific to your group)
  • Daily Yoga Sessions
  • Home-cooked breakfasts and dinners
  • Comfortable accommodations (priced separately)
  • Hot tubs, hikes, and other adventures depending on where we stay
  • A Wellness Community to keep you connected and accountable to your well-being
  • The Group Coordinator (YOU) gets:

                    FREE Weekend Retreat Registration (does not include room)
                   $100 gift certificate to their favorite spa

Place your $200 deposit here and let’s start planning your retreat! 

As this business grows and expands we will offer more than wellness retreats and workshops – so check back often for additional resources to help support your YOLO.

Be well,


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