Two more days to commit to self-care!

We have extended our $100 off registration for two more days…and here’s why:

July 10th, today, is my sister Lisa Kubby’s birthday.  She would have been 63 today had she not died 11 years ago.  Breast cancer.  Twice.

July 11th, tomorrow, is the anniversary of my engagement to my husband Mitchel.  He picked the date so he wouldn’t forget it (7-11) and proposed on an almost vacant stretch of beach on Gili Aire – an island off the coast of Lombok, Indonesia.

July 12th is the birthday of my sister-in-law&love, Jill.  I will let her tell you how old if she wishes to share…but trust me she looks much younger than her calendar age suggests.

So in honor of love and sisters and sisterhood….we offer this $100 off registration for the Nov 8-10th Women’s Wellness Weekend at Wilbur Hot Springs. 

Two more days to get this great deal that will only come this once.

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