What the H-LL does YOLO WELL mean anyway?

This past weekend I practiced what I’ve been preaching and attended a retreat (a hard job I know!) . There were epiphanies a’plenty that I look forward to sharing with you all in the days and weeks ahead.

One of the best aspects of the weekend was the great diversity of age, geography, and lifestyles that had come together to share time and space and learn together. Two of my favorites were a pair of 60+-year-old women who had traveled together from Pittsburgh for the workshop. I found myself drawn to them both although we shared very little in common.  After our very first session on Friday night, I gushed that I saw their auras and they were shiny and bright!

On Sunday, as we sat at the room-long wooden table trading contact information, I handed one of the Pittsburgh ladies, Louise, my business card.

She looked at it for a moment and then back at me and said, “I know you’re in wellness, so I get that part, but what does YOLO mean?”

I looked at her for a moment and then at another new friend, Iris, currently living in Santa Barbara but from Germany, who also shook her head.

“You don’t know YOLO,” I asked them both? “As in, You Only Live Once?”

Smiles of understanding instantly spread across their faces.

“That’s cool,” Louise said looking at my logo. “I get it now.”

“It’s also the County where I live. Davis is in YOLO County. So it’s a double play on that.” I started in on my elevator pitch:

“To me YOLO already has two meanings.

There’s the: You only live once so you better live it up. Go big or go home. Tackle that bucket list kind of Yolo.

And there’s the: You only live once so take care. Treat your body and mind well. Be healthy. Be present. Handle with care kind of Yolo.

To me YOLO WELL is the intersection of the two. Our belief is that since we all only have one life to live, wouldn’t it be best to live it well?”

My new friends seemed thrilled with this thought/idea. I could imagine the fun that Iris would have, translating this idea into German. Or how hip Louise would sound telling her retired librarian friends about YOLO.

Mostly what I realized is that no matter who we are, where we live, or what kind of life we live, this truth is universal–

We all only have one life to live so let’s live it well together.

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